Vanguard - Membership Onboarding Program for MCU
Vanguard - Membership Onboarding Program for MCU

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Membership Onboarding Program



MCU asked us to create a “members first” onboarding program to inform new MCU members of their first-year program benefits. Key differentiators included higher savings rates and lower loan rates versus banks, open dialogue to understand individual member needs and keeping them informed about news, information and offers.


The onboarding program spanned a year of communication, beginning with an introductory letter, followed up by an automated call. At the end of the first month of membership, the member would receive a personalized post card, then followed by a survey of their experience so far. For the rest of the year, the member would continue to receive personalized messaging and a thank you on their one-year anniversary. The solution utilizes a multi channel approach, utilizing direct mail, automated calling, email, and in-branch communication. Emphasis was placed on personalized messaging and database management.


In the first year alone, MCU saw a growth of 42% more products sold due to the program.