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New York State DMV has entered into a contract with Vanguard to move paper-based processes to an electronic platform called VERIFI – Vehicle Electronic Reassignment and Integrated Facility Inventory.  The processes to be improved include:

  • PAPER FORMS: MV-50/MV-50R/MV-50W
  • OTHERS: MV-82, MV-93, MV-465
  • The vehicle book of registry
  • The Dealer Plate Log for Plate Issuance Partners

The goal of this project is to provide Dealers with an electronic system to replace the paper based processes above.  The system will be web-based and accessible by designated Dealer employees. The System will also allow Dealer Management System (DMS) companies to integrate their products with VERIFI.  Vehicle title and registration transactions resulting from a VERIFI transfer of ownership will be processed at DMV issuing offices and partner locations.

Section 78.9 of the New York State Motor Vehicle Dealers and Transporters Regulations requires Dealers to use the Vehicle Electronic Reassignment and Integrated Facility Inventory (VERIFI) System.



NYS DMV is working with Vanguard to develop and host a highly secure, Web-based electronic tracking system called VERIFI (Vehicle Electronic Reassignment and Integrated Facility Inventory) that will replace the current paper-based process. As the system is Web-based, it will not require any additional hardware or software other than an average computer with internet access and printer.  (Dealers in the NYVIP inspection program will have the option of using their CVIS inspection analyzer to access and use VERIFI.)

The VERIFI System will provide Dealers with an electronic system to replace paper-based processes and will be accessible by designated Dealer employees. In addition, the VERIFI System will allow for integration for the Dealers that use a Dealer Management System (DMS).


General Features

Vanguard will employ a single-page application architecture in combination with an engineering approach that will deliver a highly scalable, highly responsive application that has exceptional user adoption, reliance, performance. The new VERIFI system will significantly reduce paper processes. General features include:

  • Web-based easy-to-use interfaces
  • Secure transactions
  • Optional integration into the DMS
  • Dealer-specific dashboards and reports
  • On-demand reports and receipts
  • Extensive on-demand training, video tutorials and user manuals
  • Printed user manuals
  • Help Desk (phone, live chat, Web-based) support


For Dealers

Please go to for more information or contact us by phone at 1 833 VERIFINY (1 833 837-4346) or by email at if you need help with registration or want to find out if you are exempt.

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